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Ambassador of the Republic of France to Bulgaria, HE Florence Robine, visited Sofia Tech Park, to find out more about the Bulgarian EuroHPC petascale supercomputer ‘Discoverer’, which is based on Atos’ BullSequana XH2000.

In attendance were Jaroslav Vojtěch, Head of HPC & Big Data of Atos in the Czech Republic; Hristo Hristov, Executive Director of Atos Bulgaria Competency Center; Milen Marinov, Executive Director of the Atos Global Delivery Center; Todor Mladenov, Executive Director of Sofia Tech Park; Simeon Stoyanov, Business Development Director at the Petascale Supercomputer – Bulgaria consortium, and Stephane Delahaye, Chairman of the French-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIFB). The meeting was organized by Atos, the consortium “Petascale Supercomputer – Bulgaria” and “Sofia Tech Park” AD.

“In the heart of the Bulgarian supercomputer, there is also a small partof France! I am extremely proud that our country has contributed to the delivery of the Bulgarian supercomputer through Atos, which is headquartered in France. This is a strategic project of great importance not only for Europe but also for Bulgaria, which I believe will bring huge benefits for the development of science and technology, as well as for the economy“, said Ambassador Robine.

The Bulgarian supercomputer will start operating in July. The project for the high-performance machine is implemented by the consortium “Petascale Supercomputer – Bulgaria” with a leading partner “Sofia Tech Park” AD. The delivery, installation, and training of the team are entrusted to Atos, a global leader in digital transformation. The main goal of the supercomputer in Bulgaria is to support a number of research and innovation activities and to stimulate the industry based on the use of technologies for simulation, modeling, and optimization.

We are about to complete all the configuration tests and to do the necessary training for the team in Sofia. Our goal is for Discoverer to enter the TOP500 ranking of supercomputers around the world in June“, commented Jaroslav Vojtěch,Head of HPC & Big Data at Atos in the Czech Republic.

“The supercomputer will turn our country into a digital hub, which will include representatives from both the academic community and the business. The connection of Discoverer with the other data centers of the EuroHPC network will also enable effective collaboration with leading European researchers and specialists, as well as sharing of knowledge, technology and experience”said Todor Mladenov, CEO of Sofia Tech Park.

Simeon Stoyanov from “Petascale Supercomputer – Bulgaria” pointed out that the training of personnel in the field of HPC will be a key for the future development of Bulgaria. The participants agreed that in order to have good results in this field, it is important to encourage cooperation between business and academia.

The partnership with the French technology parks, as well as the desire to exchange information and experience in the field of innovation and business between Bulgaria and France, were among the other topics that the hosts from Sofia Tech Park discussed with Ambassador Robine.

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