Training Sprint

The Training Sprint initiative is a collaborative effort of European Centres of Excellence (CoEs) and National Competence Centres (NCCs) and is designed to quickly disseminate the expertise and abilities of CoEs by offering training sessions dedicated to their codes, targeting end users across Europe.

Full list of the upcoming Training Sprint events: The portal for European HPC services

EXCELLERAT P2: Scientific Visualization, October 28 – 29

This course is organized by EXCELLERAT P2, in collaboration with: NCC Germany This course is targeted at researchers with basic knowledge in numerical simulation, who would like to learn how to visualize their simulation results on the desktop but also in Augmented Reality and Virtual Environments. The two-day workshop gives a

Training Sprint MaX school: materials and molecular modelling with QUANTUM ESPRESSO*, organized by MaX, in collaboration with: NCC Czechia, NCC Austria, NCC Slovakia, NCC Slovenia, NCC Poland and NCC Hungary), 19-21 June 2024, online

The course encompasses a comprehensive curriculum designed to cover the primary features of the Quantum ESPRESSO code. The emphasis is on practical skill development. The course strikes a balance between theory and application, offering a hands-on learning experience. It caters to a beginner to intermediate level, aiming to equip participants with

The OpenGadget code for Cosmological Simulations (CoE SPACE), 18 June 2024, online

The European Centre of Excellence – SPACE (Scalable Parallel Astrophysical Codes for Exascale) is organising a a short online training on the OpenGadget code for Cosmological Simulations on June 18th. The training is addressed to HPC experts from all domains interested in evolving their codes to “exa-scale”. The audience will

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