“Train-the-trainers” event at IICT, 14 September 2023

“Train-the-trainers” event at IICT, 14 September 2023

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“Train-the-trainers” event was held on 14th of September to present the new Petascale supercomputer at IICT-BAS, just delivered in the framework of the project Centre for Excellence for Informatics and Information and Communication Technologies, funded by the Operational program Science and Education for Smart Growth.

The supercomputer HEMUS (High pErformance Multi-fUnctional System) has Petascale performance – more than 3 PetaFlops. It consists of 148 servers in two sub-systems, with non-blocking InfiniBand interconnection. The subsystem with multi-core processors consists of 128 HPE ProLiant XL220n Gen10 Plus servers with direct liquid cooling of the processors. The sub-system with multi-core processors and graphical accelerators consists of 20 dual-processor servers HPE ProLiant XL675d with direct liquid cooling of the processors and GPUs.

The training event was organized in two parts: (1) Overview of the equipment with detailed presentation of the sub-systems; (2) Management interfaces – demonstrations, followed by a discussion. The participants are the future trainers for HEMUS users and application developers.

Fig. 1 Petascale supercomputer at IICT-BAS